Poke Poke Numbers will keep your young child busy learning their numbers! It has voice commands and colorful animation so they can do it themselves or with a parent. To play, shake your iPhone or iPod Touch, and then touch the numbers the game tells you to touch. The word for the number is displayed (e.g., one, two, nineteen, etc.) so when children are ready to learn to spell the words, they have some experience with how the words look and sound.

Touch the wrong number and you hear a bonk… touch the right numbers and they disappear in a puff of smoke! Clear all the numbers on the screen and you win the game and hear a “Woo-hoo!” Then just shake the iPhone or iPod Touch to play again with another random set of numbers.

It’s colorful, fun, and interactive!

For older children or even adults, to help practice spelling, see our other game – EyeSpell!

PokePokeNumbers_001 PokePokeNumbers_002 PokePokeNumbers_003